About The Kiosk

How do you find the audience for your book, newsletter, or other written content? We can help with that!

Well over 1 million (some estimates range up to 4 million) books are published each year, either with traditional publishers or through self-publishing. How will your book get noticed in that crowded marketplace? Our audience that of X and growing listeners is eager for recommended reading about the topics we cover. We’d like to point them to your book!

The solution will not address marketing or promotional strategies beyond audience identification and reach.

Our Vision
The Divine Purpose Podcast Kiosk aims to create a platform that simplifies the process of finding an audience for a book, newsletter, or any other written content. As the publishing space becomes increasingly crowded with millions of books being published every year, there is a growing need for a solution that helps authors stand out and reach their target audiences effectively.
Our Solution

  • Provide an effective way for authors to identify their target audience.
  • Enable authors to reach their target audience more efficiently.
  • Ensure that our audience of "X" and growing listeners have access to recommended reading about the topics we cover, thus directing them toward relevant books and authors.
  • Create opportunities for authors to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Our Statement
Identifying an audience in a crowded marketplace is becoming increasingly difficult due to the large number of books being published yearly (between 1 to over 1 billion). The problem persists across both traditional publishing channels as well as self-publishing platforms. Authors are struggling to get their work noticed and read by the right audience.
Our Process

  • Target Audience Identification: The solution should include a tool or feature that allows authors to easily identify their target audience based on factors such as genre, themes, etc.
  • Audience Reach: There should be mechanisms in place that effectively connect authors with their identified target audience.
  • Recommended Reading: The platform should have a section where our growing audience can find recommended reading related to the topics we cover.
  • Author Spotlight: There should be a feature that allows certain authors to be highlighted or featured, to help them stand out in the crowded marketplace.