Eddy's bio

I am a Facilities Project Manager. I’ve worked in Construction and Facilities Management for over 7 years now. I enjoy working and managing different types of buildings and projects. I started as a locksmith where I learned the importance of attention to detail. I am a bachelor’s degree graduate of the Project Management program at Wentworth Institute of Technology. I am passionate about implementing my skills and experiences for the benefit of a successful company by managing your buildings and taking care of the day-to-day maintenance operations. I have a positive personality. My peers consider me intelligent, honest and dynamic with great goals and aspirations. Eddy is the host of the Divine Purpose Podcast where he engages in conversation with guests that bring insight and knowledge of their path into their journey.

As a devoted young Christian for over 20 years, Eddy Dacius is dedicated to God, family, and his career. He is deeply in love with his wife Jessica and his children, Jovan and Leiha.