Heal Their TBI: Insider Advice to Help Your Child Recover After a Traumatic Brain Injury

Wondering how to help your student athlete recover from their Traumatic Brain Injury?

The worst has happened. Your child has always been able to bounce back after a hit or a tumble in the game, but this time, something has changed. Your student athlete is not recovering as quickly. Energy and focus are lacking. Their enthusiasm for the things they excelled in have diminished. Their schoolwork is suffering and there has been a significant change in their personality. You wish you could do more to help them get back to normal, but it seems like you’re stuck.

Hold on! Hope is not a distant memory. If your child is suffering after a bad head injury from sports, you don’t have to follow the “wait and watch” method. You can help their recovery!

Gail Waitkun, a TBI survivor and former athlete, and Bestselling author brings you her new book, Heal Their TBI. In itshe offers game changing solutions on how not to only recover, but thrive after a TBI. Heal Their TBI will show you methods for:

  • Identifying the exact problem so it may be addressed
  • Helping their mind to begin mending naturally
  • Rebuilding physical skills confidently
  • Mastering the personality changes that may accompany a TBI
  • Managing one’s lifestyle to support a speedy recovery

It is possible to get back in the game safely after a TBI. Get ready to master the information in this book and let the recovery/healing begin.